Will you come to Ohio? <3

We will as soon as we are on tourrr

So by now you guys already know how much i love you all but im so excited to see and meet you guys. Do you guys think its weird when fans consider u guys asfirends i tell myfirends al lthe time omg greg my firend tweeted or james my friend aid or john my firend is so funny

We are all friends. We thank you so much for supporting us. We are internet friends and one day when we play in your area we will get to know you!

Do you have a band name yet? haha :)


Are you guys planning on having streeteams? Cause if so your wv girls would love to take the spot of the WV one. (:

We are planning on having street teams! Contact CrewStreetTeam@gmail.com

so greg, still in love with demi lovato?
so james, still in love with nicole anderson?
so john,... still..i dont know xD

James loves Selena 

you guys are amazing! i love youu<33

Your the bomb. Ready for our first single?!

if I wanted to have Crew play at an event in the near future, how would I be able to contact you guys? thanks(:

All booking inquiries can be sent to crewbooking@gmail.com 


Totally just made the connection that you guys were the rest of VBR. If you don't mind my asking, why did you guys split up into to separate bands?

Thanks for asking. We split because things were not clicking between us musically and socially. We knew that if it would go any further, it would just be a lie, so we decided to stop and go our separate ways.




Improvising aka band practice